Welcome back to the RheumaPreg Conference 2025, set against the backdrop of Vienna, the enchanting home of Mozart and Freud!


As we assemble for this year’s conference, we embark on a comprehensive exploration of the intricate relationship between rheumatic diseases and pregnancy, addressing key challenges and breakthroughs in our evolving understanding. We would like to exchange experiences, catch-up on the past two years, enjoy the springtime over a cup of Viennese coffee with old friends and new colleagues.


We are committed to interdisciplinarity. For this reason panel discussions, curb-side consultations will involve esteemed experts from the fields of rheumatology, obstetrics, haemostasiology, intensive medicine, nephrology and neonatology, pathology and patient representatives.


Among others, updates on evolving guidelines, medication use, counselling, use of reproductive medicine techniques, management during and after pregnancy and acute situations will be elaborated and presented together with clinical case. We will dig down to the root of common problems during pregnancy and learn about immunology and placental pathologies related to rheumatic diseases and complications.


Furthermore, the conference will provide a platform for revisiting teratogenicity of therapies, scrutinizing the latest evidence to ensure an updated perspective on treatment safety during pregnancy, breastfeeding and data about long-time follow up of the children.

Lastly, we will revisit the progress of the existing registries and address the problems associated with the lack of standardised definitions, particularly delving into the complexity of terms like “adverse obstetric outcome” or “disease activity” which pose obstacles in comparing results.


We would like to thank the RheumaPreg 2025 Congress Committee, the organizational team and all members of the RheumPreg community for their commitment and efforts in shaping this congress. Additionally, we wish to express gratitude to all delegates who will attend and contribute to the Congress in 2025 in Vienna.


Join us in this intellectual journey, where we will not only revisit established knowledge but also navigate the complexities of interdisciplinary management, pose new questions and address the latest developments.


Welcome back to RheumaPreg Vienna 2025 – Together, let’s shape the future of rheumatology in pregnancy!

Assoc. Prof. Klara Rosta, Ph.D
Chair – Ob/Gyn

Dr. Antonia Mazzucato-Puchner
Chair – Rheumatology

Important Dates


 Abstract submission deadline: December 2nd, 2024


Abstract notification: December 18th, 2024


Early registration deadline: January 15th, 2025


Regular registration deadline: April 24th, 2025